Legend of the Five Rings Kotei

$30 entry, registration begins at 10am. First round is scheduled to start promptly at 11. Read More


Netrunner Draft

Come play in our first Android: Netrunner draft! Be here for 2pm on Saturday, June 14. $22 entry. Read More


Summer Games Club!

Our first ever Summer Games Club is Wednesdays 1-3 pm this June and July! We’ll play a variety of tabletop games through the summer and even paint miniatures!  Read More


Warhammer 40,000 Summer League

The war rages on in our Warhammer 40k summer league! Conquer worlds and engage in unique missions! $5 entry; the war begins Wednesday, June 11!  Read More


Magic: Conspiracy

Experience a Magic format where the intrigues begin long before the first spells are cast! Release events Friday and Saturday, June 6-7; drafts each Wednesday in June!  Read More


X-Wing: Assault on Imdaar Alpha

Get an early chance to play with the Star Wars: X-Wing Wave IV ships, and take one home! Assault on Imdaar Alpha kicks of Saturday, May 31 at 12pm!
Read More


Warhammer 40,000 Demos

Warhammer 40,000 is getting a new main rulebook, and there’s only one way to learn the new rules: play! Bring your army on Saturday, May 31 from Noon to 6!  Read More


Magic Game Day

Standard format, $10 entry, play starts at 1pm on Saturday, June 24! Boosters or store credit to the top 8, plus an exclusive playmat to first and promos for all entrants!
Read More


Yu-Gi-Oh! Primal Origin Sneak Peek

Get your first taste of Yu-Gi-Oh! Primal Origin and enter to win an exclusive Sneak Peek playmat! $20 entry for five Primal Origin boosters, plus regular tournaments at 2pm and 7pm!  Read More


Canterlot Nights Pre-Release

$20 entry for your choice of Intro Deck and two boosters to build a deck. We’ll have promo cards, a t-shirt, playmat and tote bag to give away! Read More