Sealed Preliminary PPTQ

Compete for a place at the Honolulu Pro Tour Qualifer! Saturday, May 7, $40 entry, sealed format with top 8 draft, registration is from 9 to 10am. $250 cash to first place! Read More


Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day

We have TWO Game Day events on Saturday, April 30! The first is competitive, $10 entry at 1pm. The second is casual, free at 2pm! Standard format, full art promos, champion’s playmat to first!  Read More


Pokemon: Fates Collide Prerelease

Mega Alakazam-EX sees the future—and shapes it to unify two worlds! Sunday, April 24 – registration 1pm to 2pm, $30 per player. The format has changed, so read on for details!  Read More


The New Friday Night Magic

Starting with the Shadows Over Innistrad release, we’re making some changes and additions to our Friday Night Magic offerings. We think you’re going to love it! Read More


Shadows Over Innistrad Launch Event

Unravel the madness at the Shadows Over Innistrad launch event! Rolling drafts and big prizes, up to a full box of Shadows Over Innistrad and more!  Read More


Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease

Unravel the madness. Darkness falls. Mysteries abound. Shadows over Innistrad approaches! Prerelease events all weekend, April 2-3! $26 entry per event! Perfect for new or casual players!  Read More


Anniversary Party

To conclude our month-long Quests, we’re throwing a party! Cake, game giveaways, and a community mural! Join the fun on Saturday, March 26!  Read More


5th Anniversary

Join in our store-wide Quests to earn an anniversary discount and enter our raffle! Party and drawing Saturday, March 26! Read More


Tornado Relief Tournament

One of our players, Shawn Moore, had his house destroyed by a tornado in the February 23 storm. We want to help cover his family’s expenses while they’re sorting through insurance and replacing their stuff!  Read More


Catan National Championship Qualifier

Will you be crowned champion of Louisiana’s Catan National Championship Qualifier? Winner gets a free trip to GenCon 2016!  Read More