Warmachine Magic Hat Tournament

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Date(s) – 12 Oct 2013
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

+1 Gaming


Time for a caster mix-and-match! On Saturday, October 12 at 11am we’re holding a Magic Hat tournament. Each round you’ll get a random spell/feat card from the pot for your caster!

The Event

Players will create a normal 35pt army list. No specialists. During registration the player will turn over their selected warcaster or warlock’s spell/feat card to the organizer and two additional spell/feat cards from the faction the player has chosen to play in the tournament. Cards will be returned to their respected players at the end of the event.

Once players are at their assigned tables each round, every player will draw a random spell/feat card from the magic hat to replace their warcaster/warlock’s regular card. For the purpose of spells, focus becomes fury and fury becomes focus. Feats are as written with the exception of warbeasts/warjacks (if mentioned at all) which will be switched as appropriate for the caster. Additionally, if Prime Gorshade’s Feat card is pulled, Dark Summons will summon a six-man, single-wound infantry
unit from the player’s faction in place of a Bane Thrall unit; if a player cannot furnish such a unit they MUST pull another spell/feat card.

This will be a three round event using Deathclock timing (35 minutes per player including deployment). There will be a 45-minute lunch break after round one. All rounds will use Scenario 3: Close Quarters from the Steamroller 2013 rules packet. Victory conditions include caster kill or by scenario.


This is NOT a standard steamroller tournament so there won’t be a first, second and third place winner bracket. Instead, this tournament will distribute the following awards with store credit in amounts to be determined by participation:

  • The Battle Wizard: A single, overall winner based on final standings determined through use of the Baseline Variant as detailed in the SR2013 rules packet – If there is no clear winner at the end of the tournament, use the Strength of Schedule tiebreaker followed by Control Points and then Army Points Destroyed.
  • The Flesh Eating Rabbit: Goes to the player who feels they pulled the worst possible spell/feat card to use with the army they brought. Before deployment begins at the start of every round, a player who thinks they have pulled the worst possible card must announce it to the TO. The TO will then announce it to all the participating players who will then vote by show of hands. A card must have more votes than the card selected in the previous round to become the new worst pull.
  • The Best Sportsman: A Magic Hat Tournament is not meant to be a competitive event because it removes the carefully-crafted balance of the game designers. The intent of this tournament is for three rounds of casual fun games for players to enjoy. As such, the player who displays the best attitude and creates the most fun environment for his opponents during the tournament will be awarded the best sportsman award.

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