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Date(s) – 10 Mar 2015
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

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Forge your champion’s story in the Path of Devastation league! $5 entry, play nights every Tuesday at 6pm from March 3 to March 24.

The Path of Devastation league is a casual format in which players battle against each other using unique league rules and scenarios. The league will provide four weeks of entertainment for both novice and veteran players as well as hobbyists as they play games, paint models, and interact with the unique maps and features of Path of Devastation. Players have the chance to battle it out on the table-top in games warmachine and hordes, play the High Command card game, or test their mettle roleplaying in the Iron Kingdoms RPG as part of this league.

Instead of earning league points to award a single champion’s medal, players get the chance to earn XP to customize models known as Heroes to give players a new twist on some of their favorite models. Players earn experience points (XP) for their chosen Hero by playing games, painting models, and completing specific challenges known as Milestones. Each player tracks his Hero’s XP and progression on the score sheet provided with each season’s rules. All games are played at the league venue. League games can be played at different point levels and in both one-on-one and multiplayer formats.  As a special bonus just for signing up to play, all players who participate will receive a specially-designed pin that represents the characters featured in the league fiction. The pins that everyone receives for playing are of the same high quality as the champion a single player was awarded in the previous leagues.

Path of Devastation is a year-long, story line league that explores the war-torn lands of western Immoren. The Iron Kingdoms are wracked with escalating warfare, strife, and adversity. Dragons terrorize the skies in numbers unseen for centuries, mind slavers rise from beneath the earth to abduct innocent civilians, and machine cultists raise bizarre towers where once stood thriving villages. It is a dangerous time to be alive.

Each season, players travel to a devastated area and battle for control of what few resources remain. Each game played assists in the global efforts of all league players to unlock spoilers and claim victory for their chosen faction. This epic tale will unfold in new stories accompanying each season, interactive online maps, and the tabletop battles themselves.

Full League Rules :: Season 1 Rules

To those roleplayers interested in playing or trying the Iron Kingdoms RPG, Press Ganger Rob Miles will hold an information session on Tuesday, March  3 to help players design a character as well as answer questions about gameplay and setting. He will run the one shot Twisted Steel encounter on Tuesday, March 10 for up to four players. If enough interest is there, he will run the encounter again on Tuesday, March 17. If none of those dates work for players, Press Ganger Matthew Morales will be hosting this one-shot adventure at Go 4 Games on Saturday, March 14, and again on Saturday, March 21.

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