Warhammer 40,000 Anniversary Tournament

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Date(s) – 7 Mar 2015
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

+1 Gaming


This March is +1 Gaming’s 4th anniversary! Let’s celebrate in style! 1,850 points, $20 entry, real-life purity seals to the winners!

1,850-point tournament, $20 entry. We’re using the Las Vegas Open (LVO) rules for this one. A few key rules are outlined here, and you can get the whole shebang through the magic heresy of the Internet!

Play starts at Noon – don’t be late! The store will be open an hour early. We’ll play two rounds, take a dinner break (food is included in your entry fee), then play the final round.


One list, up to two (2) detachments allowed. You may not take two of the same type of detachment (so Combined Arms and Formation is fine; two Combined Arms is not).

No more than one Lord of War, regardless of your Force Org allowances. Some Lords of War are not allowed (see the link for the list). Fortification networks are not allowed.

Painted models are not required. There are points awarded for painting (see below), but it is not mandatory.

You may bring proxy models, so long as they clearly represent the intended models (accurate wargear, approximately the same size, same base size, etc.). This is about encouraging creativity in an army’s look, not substituting for units you don’t own! The judge has final say on allowable proxy choices.

You must have legal copies of all rules you’re using! That means physical books or purchased digital books from GW. You may bring printed copies of pages for easier table use, but you must also have the original with you.


We’re using the LVO missions. Each round will last two hours, starting after everyone has a couple minutes to get settled at their table and begin rolling for Warlord traits, psychic powers, etc. When time is called, anyone still playing continues play until the current game turn is completed.


Each mission is worth a possible 10 points. In addition, there are two other scoring tracks: painting and attitude.

Attitude will be scored with votes for favorite opponent. You will get a voting slip after your third round. Write the name of your favorite opponent (or army they played, or round you played them in if you can’t remember their name) and hand it to the judge. Each vote is worth 5 points.

Painting will be scored with the following list, scored by the judge. Each category is worth a possible 5 points, to a maximum of 15 points.


  • Unpainted army (half or fewer models painted) (-2 points)
  • Partially painted army (more than half models painted) (-1 point)
  • Base colors (1 point)
  • Painted bases (1 point)
  • Shading and highlights (1 point)
  • Notable detail work (eyes, gems, studs, camo patterns, battle damage, etc.) (1 point)
  • Artistic extras (hand-painted banners or markings, complex camo, etc.) (1 point)


  • Incomplete assembly (-2 points)
  • Fully assembled army (1 point)
  • Decorative extras (antennas, banners, tank drivers, purity seals, etc.) (1 point)
  • Interesting, unique poses (1 point)
  • Basing extras (1 point)
  • Unique conversions and kit-bashing (1 point)


  • Unique extras (objective markers, wound/damage markers, smoke, etc.) (1 point)
  • Thematic style (basing, paintjob, color scheme, and extras all tie together) (1 point)
  • Visual impact (strong use of contrast, color theory, and visual centerpieces) (1 point)
  • Display board (painted and flocked to match basing) (1 point)
  • Exceptional display board (has modeled extras, tiered elevations, buildings/ruins, etc.) (1 point)

You’ll also choose one other player’s army as the best-looking at the tournament. We’ll vote after dinner before round 3. Each vote for favorite army grants 1 point. All these points count toward the Best Painted award and Overall award.

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