Painting Competition

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Date(s) – 5 Jul 2014
12:00 AM – 12:00 AM

+1 Gaming


Let’s do a painting competition! Free entry, compete in up to three categories: single model, unit, and large model. Bring your best work and join the fun! 

The Categories

  • Single Model – anything you want!
  • Unit – 5 or more individual models
  • Large Model – larger than a 60mm base with matching height; think Warmachine Colossals, 40k vehicles, etc. Dioramas work, too!

The competition is open to models from any game system or minis line, and any scale. You may enter once per category, and you do not need to enter each category to participate.


We will have a small team of judges to score each entry on technical skill, color scheme choices, emphasis, contrast, creative modeling, and attention to details. Each participant will also vote for their favorites in each category for additional points.

The winner of each category will get a +1 Gaming gift card (value depending on number of participants). If it goes well, we’ll make it an annual event!

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