Dragon’s Maze Prerelease

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Date(s) – 26 Apr 2013 until 27 Apr 2013
11:30 PM – 4:00 AM

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We have four chances to play with Dragon’s Maze before release! Each event is $25 for a sealed Guild Pack for your chosen guild and a secret ally!

The Events

Prerelease weekend is Saturday & Sunday, April 27-28. Each tournament is sealed format with a $25 entry.

  • Friday Night at Midnight – LIMITED SEATING, 32 players! Prizes will be split evenly between the top 8.
  • Saturday at Noon – Unlimited seating. We’ll play out top 8. First place gets a full booster box of Dragon’s Maze!
  • Saturday at 6pm – TWO-HEADED GIANT! Unlimited seating.
  • Sunday at 5pm – Unlimited seating. Prizes will be split.

Guild Packs & Secret Allies

mtg-dragons-maze-prerelease-promo1Each Guild Pack comes with four booster packs of Dragon’s Maze, one guild booster pack from Return to Ravnica, and another guild booster pack from Gatecrash. Guild booster packs will contain only cards for your Guild or your secret ally. Your secret ally will share one mana color with your chosen Guild.

When you sign up, you’ll choose your Guild. You won’t be able to choose your ally – they’re secret! We’ll distribute Guild Packs in order of sign-up. You can pre-register in the store and pick your Guild early. Pre-registration ends Friday night at Midnight. After pre-registration, you can sign up the day of the tournament and pick your Guild from remaining supply.

Everyone that enters will get an alternate art foil promo Maze’s End card!

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