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M12 Preorders

We are taking preorders on Magic 2012 booster boxes now through Saturday, July 9. Preordered boxes are $100 plus tax, and must be paid in advance. The last day to reserve your boxes will be at the Prerelease Event. The boxes will be available Friday, July 15 (we open at Noon).

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Redakai Is Here!

Redakai is the dynamic game of Kairu battle. Start with your favorite Kairu warrior, stack Attacks on your opponent, and transform into powerful Monsters. The Basic Game is easy to learn and fast to play. Learn more at

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New Phyrexia Release

New Phyrexia launches today! We have booster boxes at 10% off today, as well as intro packs and fat packs. Friday Night Magic is tonight at 6:30 pm, and the Launch Party is Saturday, May 14, with a sealed deck tournament starting at Noon.

Warmachine Battle Engine Foam Trays

Battlefoam makes the perfect foam tray again with their new line of half-trays for the Warmachine/Hordes bags, custom cut for the new battle engines. The Khador Battle Engine tray is out now. It’s a 4-inch tray that takes half the width of a Warmachine bag.

What about the other half though? Battlefoam has you covered with half-size warjack trays and troop trays of varying depths, to let you customize your loadout to meet your army’s needs.

You can order through us with the Special Orders link up top, or call us or stop in. We match Battlefoam’s prices, and get orders in about a week.

Tomb Kings Pre-Orders

We are taking pre-orders for Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tomb Kings new releases. The current new release list is:

  • Tomb Kings Army Book (hardcover) – $37.25
  • Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphinx – $49.50
  • Necropolis Knights – $54.50
  • Tomb Guard – $49.50

We have preview copies of each item in the store, to be assembled and painted in all their glory soon (except the army book; it came painted and assembled).

Tomb Kings Pre-Order Form

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BattleTech Returns!

Catalyst Labs is bringing back Classic BattleTech in a big way with their 25th Anniversary Boxed Set. Here’s a satisfyingly-thorough review, and the vitals from their website:

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Preview: Malifaux Factions

Dustin, one of the Wyrd Miniatures Henchmen, sent us a quick write-up for each of the five factions for Malifaux. The Henchmen will be running demos for Malifaux Saturday, March 20 before Open Minis Night kicks off.

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Preview: Malifaux

Malifaux is coming to +1 Gaming! We got a chance to sit down with Dustin, a local Henchman for Malifaux, and play a quick game. I’ve called it Girl Genius in the World of Darkness. In case that makes no sense, here’s the summary from Malifaux’s website:

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