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Opening Day

It’s here! Our inspections are passed, and we’re putting the finishing touches on everything. We will be open for business this Thursday, March 3 at Noon. Special orders received up to now will be available for pick-up.

See you soon!

View from the Brink

We are within two weeks of opening, and very possibly one. Everything’s moved in, we’re just organizing everything now. The last inspectors should be in early next week. And we have pictures!

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Move-In Approaches

The tid-bits are done. The contractors are wrapping up. The day after I write this, I’ll wax the floors. And after that: move-in. After unfathomable delays, the time is nearly here.

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Progress Report (And a Call For Help)

Our contractors are all at the cusp of completion, which means we’re nearly ready to take over for move-in. The only problem: Allie and I are both sick. So we’re asking for some extra help.

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Holiday Update

It’s nearly Christmas, so it seems like a good time for an update. We’re over that inspection hump that was holding us up, and there’s been great progress.

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Hiding From the Universe

The opening date is going into hiding. I’m fairly certain we’re under some kind of Predictamancy attack. But there’s a sure-fire way to thwart a Predictamancer – make the future unknowable! Hence forth, our opening date will be so veiled in secrecy, even we won’t know it.

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Advanced Opening Plans 2nd Edition

We are forced, assuredly for the last time, to move the opening date back to December 18. We expect to be open before then. We will let you know as soon as we open. It is less than three weeks away!

If you want the harrowing tale, click below.

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Re: Signage!

And the sign is up! They’re actually re-doing it to get the gold border, but they put this up for now to make sure we had a sign for our opening.

Opening Plans

Our Grand Opening extravaganza has been officially moved to Saturday, December 4. But fear not! We’re about 95% sure we can open before the end of the month. Rather than fret over the exact date, we’ll just open as soon as possible and do the celebrating on December 4.

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Double Move Action

Our build-out is moving forward again! You’ve probably read about our permitting woes. We’re finally able to file our permits, and our contractors dig back in Thursday. We are pulling out every stop to squeeze out our November 20 opening. I won’t lie to you, it doesn’t look promising, but it also doesn’t look impossible.

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