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+1 Magic Series Trial (Poll – Closed)

For November’s Trial were wondering if there’s interest in a sealed event. So let us know: standard or sealed? Read More

Warhammer Fantasy League Signup

We’ve had a few requests for a Warhammer Fantasy league at +1 Gaming. Here’s your chance to make it happen. If we get enough players to sign up for the league, we’ve got an organizer ready and willing to set it up.

Read More

Warhammer 40k Events Poll

There are lots of Warhammer 40k players in the area, but lately our tournaments haven’t seen the attendance I’d expect. Maybe it’s been a fluke of timing, maybe not. Either way, I want to know: what do you want to see in a Warhammer 40k event?

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Steampainter Charity Event

Coming August 6th is Steampainter! A charity event where 100 points worth of Warmachine miniatures are painted in just 24 hours. Folks will get the opportunity to donate money and place guesses as to when the challenger finishes the entire army. But, before we get there we need a little help from you our audience. Up for vote is choice of what army will be painted that day. Will it be the Four Star Syndicate? Or the Highborn Covenant?

Voting will continue for a week and the winner will be chosen! Shortly thereafter an army list will be posted to help everyone with their guesses.

Which Army Should Get Painted?
  • Highborn Covenant (67%, 20 Votes)
  • Four Star Syndicate (33%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 30

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Poll: Supporting Our Community

As a business and as a community, +1 Gaming will adopt a local non-profit, school, hospital or cause. We received a number of nominations, so please vote in the poll to help us narrow it down. You may choose up to two. Depending on what the results look like, there may be a second poll between the top choices.

Here are the websites of each organization and a brief quote about what they do: Read More

Poll: Warhammer Days

Warhammer 40k and Fantasy have yet to make a regular appearance on our calendar, and it’s high time to fix that. So, Warhammer players of the metro area: when is the best day for regular Warhammer events?

We’re talking regular events here, not tournaments. Monthly or less-regular tournaments will universally fall on Saturday. But if we start a league or even just block out some open play time, what day(s) would you most prefer?

Please check all days you’d be regularly available, and check which kind of Warhammer you play. You can check multiple options. We can’t guarantee the highest voted day will get its spot, but we’ll aim for the highest congruence of votes to available times.

Warhammer 40k/Fantasy Day?
  • Saturday (26%, 11 Votes)
  • Warhammer 40,000 (21%, 9 Votes)
  • Warhammer Fantasy (17%, 7 Votes)
  • Sunday (12%, 5 Votes)
  • Friday (10%, 4 Votes)
  • Tuesday (7%, 3 Votes)
  • Wednesday (5%, 2 Votes)
  • Thursday (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 18

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Poll: Malifaux Event

The Henchmen for Malifaux want to set up an event sometime shortly after it comes to +1 Gaming. What day and time is best for you? You can vote for multiple options, so please at least vote one day and one time.

Bear in mind, we won’t do Thursday or Friday nights, as they’re reserved for Magic right now. Everything else should be open.

And as always, feel free to comment below.

What Day/Time for a Malifaux Tournament?
  • Saturday (24%, 6 Votes)
  • Sunday (20%, 5 Votes)
  • Daytime (20%, 5 Votes)
  • Evening (20%, 5 Votes)
  • Friday (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Wednesday (4%, 1 Votes)
  • Tuesday (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Thursday (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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Poll: Warmachine/Hordes Days

Press Ganger John Simon is running a poll for what days are best for Warmachine/Hordes players. If that’s your game, hit up John’s poll and vote!

Warmachine & Hordes: What day do you want to play?

Polls About Days!

+1 inquiring minds want to know:

What's the best weekday for us to be closed?
  • Monday (54%, 56 Votes)
  • Tuesday (29%, 30 Votes)
  • Wednesday (12%, 12 Votes)
  • Thursday (6%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 104

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I was reminded about Gulf Wars and thought we’d better throw this out here, too:

When is the best day for the Grand Opening Celebration?
  • Saturday, March 26 (53%, 51 Votes)
  • Saturday, March 19 (47%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 96

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While we don’t promise to do whatever the polls say, we do very much want to be informed of what’s best for you, so that we can make the best decision!


What gaming websites do you like? It can be resources like Obsidian Portal or Hero Machine, forums or communities like Nola RPG or DakkaDakka, news or review sites like RPGnet or BoardGameGeek, or whatever else. Local stuff like events or businesses are very awesome, as well. The best sites will go in our website’s footer.

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