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Hour of Devastation Launch Drafts

Unleash your endgame! We have launch drafts Friday and Saturday! $15 entry, Swiss and single elimination available! Read More

Hour of Devastation Prerelease

Unleash your endgame! We have seven Prerelease events all weekend starting midnight, Friday night / Saturday morning on July 8. Special prizes for attending multiple events, plus we’re adding pizza this time, included in your entry fee! Read More

Pokemon League Challenge

$5 entry (juniors enter free!), Standard format. Registration ends at 2pm to begin play. We will play Swiss rounds based on the number of players in each age division with no elimination rounds. Prizes to the top places in each age division!

Magic Game Day

$10 entry, standard format, prizes to the top placers. Everyone who enters will get a full-art Trueheart Duelist, and top 8 will get a full-art Glorybringer(!!!). First place wins the Worthy Champion playmat!

Magic Sealed PPTQ Albuquerue

Rise among the worthy at our Albuquerque Pro Tour Qualifer! Saturday, June 17, $40 entry, Amonkhet sealed format with top 8 draft, registration is from 9 to 10am. $250 cash to first place! Read More

Tabletop Day

We’re hosting an International Tabletop Day event! Festivities run all day on Saturday, April 29. We’ll have free promos to give away, open gaming including free use of our board game rental library, demo games, and Magic drafts for the new Amonkhet set!  Read More

Pokemon: Guardians Rising Prerelease

$30 entry, registration is from 1pm to 2pm. We’ll play 3 rounds after deckbuilding. You’ll get a Guardians Rising booster pack for each round you play, plus another pack for each win! Read More

Amonkhet Launch Weekend

Rolling drafts and big prizes, up to a full box of Amonkhet and more! $15 per draft. Read More

Amonkhet Casual League

Buy three boosters, build a 30-card deck, and play as many games as you want! Every week you can add a pack. League runs every Friday, May 5-26. Read More

Magic Open House

Learn to play Magic: the Gathering for free!  Read More

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