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Amonkhet Casual League

Buy three boosters, build a 30-card deck, and play as many games as you want! Every week you can add a pack. League runs every Friday, May 5-26. Read More

Magic Open House

Learn to play Magic: the Gathering for free!  Read More

Amonkhet Prerelease

Rise among the worthy! Seven events all Prerelease weekend. $26 entry. Pre-order your Amonkhet booster box for $100 now through Prerelease Sunday!  Read More

Closed for Easter

We’re spending time with our families on Easter Sunday, April 16! Happy gaming!

6th Anniversary Party!

Come celebrate six years of gaming with us! We’ll have open gaming all day, cake and snacks, hourly giveaways, and discounts running throughout the day! Stay tuned for more!

Evolution Tournament

Free entry! The first 16 players to enter get a set of seven Hibernation cards. The top 4 players get a set of seven Night Prowler cards. First place gets the T-Rex first player marker!  Read More

Magic Anniversary Tournament

$30 entry, modern format with a top 8 Modern Masters 2017 draft. Registration is 9 – 10 am. Winner gets a sealed box of Modern Masters 2017 and a limited Kiki-Jiki statue!  Read More

Pokemon League Cup

Sunday, March 19, Standard format, $10 entry. Registration Noon to 1pm.  Read More

Magic Preliminary PTQ

Saturday, February 18, $25 entry, standard format. Registration is 9 – 10 am. The winner gets an invite to an RPTQ toward Pro Tour Kyoto in 2017!  Read More

Pokemon: Sun & Moon Prerelease

Sunday, January 29, $30 entry, registration 1 – 2 pm. We’ll play three rounds, pack per win, plus 3 more packs just for finishing!  Read More

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