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Ixalan Sealed PPTQ

Brave the unknown at our Richmond Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifer! Saturday, October 14, $40 entry, Ixalan sealed format with top 8 draft, registration is from 9 to 10am. $250 cash to first place!


1st – $250 cash
2nd – 1 booster box
3rd – 18 packs
4th – 18 packs
5th – 9 packs
6th – 9 packs
7th – 9 packs
8th – 9 packs

Sealed pools will be registered according to the head judge’s preference on event day.

This is competitive rules enforcement level (REL), meaning you must report to your matches on time and play accurately to the rules.

Legend of the Five Rings Launch Party

$5 entry, open play with your new L5R Core Set(s). We’ll have giveaways for everyone, plus door prize extended art clan champions! Saturday, October 7, Noon to 4pm. Read More

Ixalan Launch Weekend

All day rolling drafts! Choose between Swiss drafts (everyone plays every round) or elimination drafts (only winners proceed to the next round)! Plus, booster box sealed! Read More

Magic: Ixalan Prerelease

We have seven Prerelease events all weekend starting September 23! Special prizes for attending multiple events, free pizza, and a costume contest!  Read More

Magic Open House

Learn to play Magic: the Gathering for free! We’re teaching Magic Saturday afternoon, September 16 from 4 to 6pm. All ages welcome!
Read More

We’re Buying Video Games!

Starting August 7, we will pay CASH or store credit for your used video games! We’re also buying consoles, handhelds, controllers, and peripherals!  Read More

Pokemon League Cup

Standard format, $10 entry, play begins at 1pm on Sunday, September 10! All entries will go toward the prize pool for top finishers! Read More

Commander 2017 Launch Party

It’s your chance to win a free Commander 2017 deck just for buying one!  Read More

Magic Masters Tournament

Win a case of Modern Masters 2017, PLUS a box of Eternal Masters! $30 entry, Modern format. Registration is from 9am to 10am.  Read More

Hour of Devastation Game Day

$10 entry, standard format, prizes to the top placers. Everyone who enters will get a full-art Abrade, and top 8 will get a full-art Adorned Pouncer. First place wins the Mastermind playmat!  Read More

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