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Magic PPTQ 25th Anniversary

Saturday, February 24, $25 entry, standard format. Registration is 9 – 10 am. The winner gets an invite to an RPTQ toward Pro Tour 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis! Read More

Masters 25 Win-a-Case

You can win up to two Masters boxes for the Masters 25 launch on Saturday, March 17! $30 entry, modern constructed format, registration 9-10 am!

Read More

Pokemon: Ultra Prism Prerelease

UPDATE: Due to weather our shipment was delayed. The January 20-21 events are cancelled. We’ll post more updates soon! Read More

Rivals of Ixalan Launch Party

Rivals of Ixalan drafts starting at 4pm on Saturday, January 20! $15, 3 rounds each, prizes by win record! Plus, our booster box sealed returns!  Read More

Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease

We have seven Prerelease events all weekend starting January 13! Special prizes for attending multiple events, and free pizza at each event!  Read More

Crimson Invasion League Cup

Standard format, $10 entry, registration from 9 to 10am on Sunday, December 10! All entries will go toward the prize pool for top finishers!  Read More

Pokemon League Challenge

$5 entry, Standard format. Sunday, November 12, registration ends at 1pm to begin play. We will play Swiss rounds based on the number of players in each age division with no elimination rounds. Read More

Iconic Masters Launch Party

$35 entry, draft starts at 1pm so get registered between Noon and 1pm! This is a Swiss draft (everyone plays every round) with prizes by win record. Read More

Pokemon XY Collection Tournament

$10 entry, EXPANDED FORMAT! First place wins a Premium Trainer’s XY Collection! Sunday, November 19, registration is from Noon to 1pm.  Read More

Unstable Santa Draft

Bring a gift to our launch weekend Unstable drafts! $15 entry, plus one wrapped gift (we suggest keeping it under $10, or regifting something). We’ll draft Unstable and play 3 Swiss rounds.  Read More

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