Monthly Archives: February 2018

Magic PPTQ 25th Anniversary

Saturday, February 24, $25 entry, standard format. Registration is 9 – 10 am. The winner gets an invite to an RPTQ toward Pro Tour 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis! Read More

Catan Championship Qualifier

Become the Catan champion of Louisiana and win a free trip to GenCon 2018 in Indianapolis! The event is Saturday, March 24. $20 entry includes lunch. Click to pre-register now!  Read More

Masters 25 Win-a-Case

You can win up to two Masters boxes for the Masters 25 launch on Saturday, March 17! $30 entry, modern constructed format, registration 9-10 am!

Read More

RPG Matchmaker

Try our new RPG Matchmaker service! Put your contact info and preferences into the form through this link and we’ll help you find a group! Read More