Unstable Santa Draft

Bring a gift to our launch weekend Unstable drafts! $15 entry, plus one wrapped gift (we suggest keeping it under $10, or regifting something). We’ll draft Unstable and play 3 Swiss rounds. 


  • 3 wins = 5 booster packs of your choice
  • 2 wins = 2 booster packs
  • 1 win = 1 booster pack

You may take $3 store credit per pack instead, as always.

After the first round of drafts we’ll fire any more players want to play, minus the wrapped gift with entry.

Unstable Santa!

Wrapped gifts will go into a shared gift pool for each pod. After all games are complete, the top-ranked player will choose and unwrap a gift! Second place will have the option to open a new gift or steal a gift which has already been opened. This process continues, with the highest-ranked player who does not currently have a gift choosing to steal or open a gift, until all players have a gift!


  • If second place steals first’s gift, that makes first the highest ranked player without a gift, so they would open one. If second opens a new gift, third is now the highest ranked without a gift. And so on.
  • You may not steal a gift which was just stolen from you!
  • If a gift is stolen twice, it cannot be stolen again!

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