Warhammer 40k: Highlander

There can be only one! $5 entry, open play from Noon to 6pm. Only one unit of each type allowed!

Your Army

Bring at least one 1,000-point army using Matched Play rules, except each player may only use the Highlander Detachment:

  • HQ: 1
  • Troops: 1
  • Elites: 0-1
  • Fast Attack: 0-1
  • Heavy Support: 0-1
  • Flyers: 0-1

Command Benefits: +1 Command Points

You may only include an additional Highlander Detachment once all other detachments have a unit of each role.

Each unit must also be unique across your entire army – no duplicates! The exception is Troops – if you need to add an additional detachment but have no more unique Troops available you may duplicate a Troop choice.

Named characters carry an extra uniqueness rule: if they are an upgraded version of a non-unique character (e.g., Commander Farsight is a unique Tau Commander), you cannot include both the character and their derivative unit! Use the keyword lines to help determine which units this affects. If a character has their name in the keyword line, you likely cannot include a unit that shares all other keywords with that character.

You may use a different army list for each game without any restriction – you can bring two entirely different armies if you want!

The Mission

Generate missions from the Matched Play missions. You and your opponent may agree to use either Eternal War or Maelstrom of War. If you cannot agree, use Eternal War.

Slay the Warlord is worth 3 victory points rather than 1 in any mission it’s present in.


Each game played is 1 point; each game won is an additional 2 points. You can play as many games as you want! The winner will take home the Sector Imperialis Objectives set, and if we get more than 5 players we’ll add additional prizes for other players as well!

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