Magic: Ixalan Prerelease

We have seven Prerelease events all weekend starting September 23! Special prizes for attending multiple events, free pizza, and a costume contest! 

$30 entry gets you a Prerelease kit with 6 Ixalan booster packs, plus a foil promo of a random rare or mythic rare in the set. You’ll have 30 minutes to build a deck with the cards from your kit (including your promo), plus basic land provided free. Then we start play!

Online preregistration is closed! There are still plenty seats available, so come register in-store!

The Events


  • Midight (Friday night): 3 rounds sealed
  • 10am: 4 rounds sealed
  • 3pm: 4 rounds Two-Headed Giant
  • 4pm: 2 rounds Planeswalker Deck challenge
  • 8pm: 4 rounds sealed


  • Noon: 4 rounds Two-Headed Giant
  • 5pm: 4 rounds sealed

Seating at every event is limited to 64 players. Midnight often fills up, so reserve your seat as early as you can by paying your entry fee early in store!

Sealed events are single player, best two out of three. You’ll win a booster pack of Ixalan for each round you win, and at the Midnight event you’ll get an extra pack for finishing.

Two-Headed Giant means team games of two-on-two! You can bring a teammate or we’ll help pair you with someone at the event. You get to share your card pools for deckbuilding, rounds are just one game, and you share a 30 life as a team. We’ll cover details before the event starts. Each team member gets a pack for each round you win.

Planeswalker Deck challenge means you play with just a Planeswalker Deck. You can change it with the two booster packs that come in the deck. We play just two untimed rounds, and you get a pack for each round you win!

Costume Contest

Come dressed in style for Ixalan! Ixalan is all about pirates, explorers, dinosaurs, and the untamed jungle. The best costume at each event will get a special Ixalan Prerelease playmat!

Multiple Events

At your first event you’ll get a stamp card. Present it when you pick up your Prerelease kit for a stamp, and you’ll get bonus prizes when you finish that event.

  • 2nd event: 1 bonus prize pack
  • 3rd event: Prerelease playmat!
  • 4th event: 3 bonus prize packs
  • 5th event: a set of pirate-themed metal counters!
  • 6th event: 5 bonus prize packs


We’re including pizza with your entry fee! We’ll have plain cheese, pepperoni, and sausage options. Everyone can grab two slices, and if there’s still some left feel free to get seconds. If you don’t want or can’t eat pizza, talk to a staffer about a free drink instead.

20% off Box Pre-Orders!

Show us this offer (print or on a mobile device) and get 20% off an Ixalan booster box pre-order! You can use this offer any number of times; each time applies to a new box. Boxes will be available Friday, September 29. Each comes with a foil buy-a-box promo card while supplies last!

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