Pokemon: Burning Shadows Prerelease

We’re running two Pokemon Prereleases this time! Saturday and Sunday, July 22-23. $30 entry, registration is from Noon to 1pm. 

We’ll play 3 rounds after deckbuilding. You’ll get a Burning Shadows booster pack for each round you play, plus another pack for each win!

SEATING IS LIMITED to 48 players on Saturday, and by available product on Sunday! We have 88 total kits for the weekend. Pre-register in-store to reserve your spot!

We’re also giving out special playmats this time! The top ranked player in each age division will get a free playmat!

Everyone who enters will get a Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows Prerelease Kit containing 4 Burning Shadows booster packs and a 22-card Evolution pack with basic Pokemon and support cards to help build a deck. You’ll also get a foil rare promo card you can include in your deck.

Announcements and deckbuilding start at 1pm, so don’t be late!

Pre-Register Online

Pre-registration online is closed. You can register between Noon and 1pm before each event in the store.

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