Hour of Devastation Game Day

$10 entry, standard format, prizes to the top placers. Everyone who enters will get a full-art Abrade, and top 8 will get a full-art Adorned Pouncer. First place wins the Mastermind playmat! 

We have two Game Day events, Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. All entry fees go into the prize pool for top placers (top 8 if we have at least 18 players, or top 4 otherwise), in addition to the promos and playmat.

Win-a-Case League

First place at each event also gets an automatic invite to our Invitational Win-a-Case Tournament! Every weekly event players enter starting with Amonkhet earns a league point, and every round won is another point. The top 30 get an invite to the Invitational tournament, in addition to the two Hour of Devastation Game Day winners.

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