Amonkhet Launch Weekend

Rolling drafts and big prizes, up to a full box of Amonkhet and more! $15 per draft.

Friday we’ll run our regular Swiss FNM drafts at 3pm and 7:30pm. Prizes will be based on our usual FNM prizes, but you can take prize tickets in place of booster packs.

Starting at Noon on Saturday, April 29 we’ll start firing off draft pods: $15 entry, 3 Amonkhet packs. These will be single elimination drafts. If you lose a match, you’re out of the pod. Matches will not be timed; play until a winner is determined.

Prize Tickets

If you win at least one match, you’ll get prize tickets which you can turn in for anything from a booster pack to a booster box!

1 win – 1 ticket
2 wins – 5 tickets
3 wins – 9 tickets

What can you spend those tickets on?

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