Aether Revolt Prerelease

It’s time to take the power back! Seven events all Prerelease weekend. $26 entry. Pre-order your Aether Revolt booster box for $100 now through Prerelease Sunday!

At the end of each event you’ll win an Aether Revolt booster pack for every round you won, plus special giveaways for entering multiple events (see below)!


  • Friday night/Saturday morning at Midnight – Sealed
  • Saturday at 10am – Sealed
  • Saturday at 3pm – Two-Headed Giant
  • Saturday at 4pm – Planeswalker Deck Challenge
  • Saturday at 8pm – Sealed
  • Sunday at Noon – Sealed
  • Sunday at 5pm – Sealed (THE DREGS! This event only fires if we have product left over. Call ahead to check availability!)

Seating limit at each event is 64 players. Each sealed event (including two-headed giant) is 4 rounds. Planeswalker Deck Challenge is 2 rounds.

Inside each Prerelease box, players will find four Aether Revolt and two Kaladesh booster packs, a spindown life counter, and a randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card, drawn from any rare or mythic rare in the set.

Planeswalker Deck Challenge is simple: buy an Aether Revolt Planeswalker Deck for $15 and battle! You can add any cards from the deck’s two boosters. We’ll run a quick two-round tournament. You get an Aether Revolt booster for each round you win!

Enter Multiple Events

You’ll get a punch card at your first event. Present it at each additional Aether Revolt Prerelease event for some extra free stuff!

  • 2 events – two extra prize packs
  • 3 events – Aether Revolt prerelease playmat
  • 4 events – four extra prize packs
  • 5 events – Set of 12 six-sided dice
  • 6 events – eight extra prize packs

Pre-Order Your Box

Pre-order your booster box of 36 packs now through Sunday, January 15 and pay just $100! Pre-ordered boxes will be available Friday, January 20 on launch day. Each comes with a Scrap Trawler foil promo!

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