Monthly Archives: January 2016

Magic Preliminary PTQ

$25 entry, registration is 9-10 am, Saturday, February 20. Standard format. First place takes home $250 cash!  Read More

Netrunner Store Championship

Power up your rig to take on the +1 Gaming 2016 Netrunner Store Championship! Play starts Saturday, February 27 at noon! $10 entry.  Read More

X-Wing Store Championship

Are you the best X-Wing player in the NOLA area? Registration 9 – 10am, $10 entry. Alternate-art C-3PO for entry and prizes to the top 8!  Read More

Pokemon BREAKpoint Prerelease

The hour grows desperate, and two worlds stand at the brink! Sunday, January 24 – registration 1pm to 2pm. You’ll get 6 packs with entry, 2 prize packs, a promo, plus door prizes!  Read More

Oath of the Gatewatch Two-Headed Giant Launch Event

We’re going Two-Headed Giant! $25 entry per player for sealed entry, three rounds, and the return of the Prize WallRead More

Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease

The battle for Zendikar concludes with Oath of the Gatewatch! Six events starting Friday night at Midnight. $25 entry, pack per win, and a free deck box and sleeves if you play in multiple events! Read More