Monthly Archives: July 2015

Magic: Origins Launch Party

Sealed format, $30 entry, Saturday at 1pm. Payout to the top 8 players after Swiss rounds. Plus, top 4 will get their pick of some gorgeous planeswalker art prints!  Read More

Magic: Origins Prerelease

Ignite your spark! Get the first taste of the latest set for Magic: the Gathering. Magic: Origins will be the final Core Set ever! We’re going back to the origins of the Planeswalkers. Read More

L5R Demo Day

We’re running free demos for L5R, with pizza and drinks for anyone who tries a game! We also have some starter decks to give out.  Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh! Clash of Rebellions Sneak Peek

Crack your first packs for Clash of Rebellions! $20 entry gets you 5 boosters, plus the Sky Dragoons of Draconia promo card!  Read More