February Commander League

Our first Magic Commander league was a big success! February’s league starts Friday, February 6 at 8pm. $3 per night, top 3 split the pot! 

Each Friday, all players will be randomly grouped into pods of 3-5 players. Matches will be 2 hours. If the pod is not finished at time, continue play until each player after the active player has taken one additional turn. The league will use multiplayer rules with no spell range limit, and a partial Paris mulligan (you may put any number of cards from your hand onto the bottom of your library and draw that many cards; subsequent uses of this mulligan reduce the number of cards drawn by 1 per additional use).

You may change your Commander and deck between league nights as you please. Proxies are allowed. The Commander ban list is in effect.

All entries go to the prize pool, split between the 3 players with the highest scores, with twice as much going to 1st place. We’ll also give out FNM promos each week to the player with the top score in each pod.


Scoring is based on achievements. Some can be scored once each night, while others are one time only. Each achievement is worth 1 League Point unless otherwise noted


  • Eliminate one or more players
  • Finish the game without being eliminated
  • Play with an unproxied deck
  • Scoop in such a way that it disrupts the game (-1 Point)
  • Take more than 5 minutes to play your turn (or multiple consecutive turns) (-1 Point)
  • Wreck another player’s mana base (-1 Point)


  • Destroy 2+ planeswalkers in one game
  • Destroy 10+ creatures at one time
  • Save a creature from dying before it takes damage
  • Control 5+ non-token creatures of the same subtype at one time
  • Control 10+ creature tokens at one time
  • Survive attacks for lethal damage 3+ times
  • Save another player from elimination
  • Eliminate a player via Commander damage
  • Eliminate a player via non-Commander damage
  • Eliminate a player via mill
  • Win a game via an alternate win condition (such as Maze’s End)
  • Be the first player eliminated from your table

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