Magic: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier

$20 entry, standard format! Registration from 10 to 11. Winner gets a seat at the Vancouver PTQ! 

A Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) is the first step toward the highest level of competitive Magic: The Gathering. The winner of your PPTQ earns an invitation to a Regional PTQ, where players will make their final bid for a spot on the Pro Tour.

PPTQs are open to anybody, except players who have already qualified for a Regional PTQ.


1st – $150 cash, plus PTQ invite
2nd – 1 booster box
3rd – 24 packs
4th – 24 packs
5th – 12 packs
6th – 12 packs
7th – 12 packs
8th – 12 packs

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