Magic: Commander League

Our first official Magic: the Gathering Commander league starts in January! Four-player pods, achievement-based scoring, every Friday at 8pm in January! $3 entry per night, with prizes at the end of the month!

Each Friday, all players will be randomly grouped into pods of 3-5 players. Matches will be 2 hours. If the pod is not finished at time, continue play until each player after the active player has taken one additional turn. The league will use multiplayer rules with no spell range limit, and a Paris mulligan (draw to 7 cards on your first mulligan, then to 6 for the second, etc.).

You must use the same Commander throughout the January league, but may otherwise make changes to your deck.

The Commander ban list is in effect.

All entries go to the prize pool, split between the 3 players with the highest scores. We’ll also give out promos each week to the player with the top score in each pod.

For our first league we’re borrowing the scoring system offered by Star City Games’ Armada League:

The League points system is designed to promote a particular style of play—generally interactive with no early comboing out. You can see that reflected in the penalties. The codes identify how often you can get an award. (M) means you can get it multiple times, (P) means each player can get it once, and (I) means only the first player to achieve it gets it.

  • I’m Too Young To Die! – 4 Points (M): Eliminate a player prior to their 5th turn.
  • What Did I Do, No Really??? -3 Points (P): Defending your actions for doing something unnecessarily rude.
  • Not A Safe Place -2 Points (M): Be the instigator of wrecking one or more player’s mana bases, in part or in full.
  • Too Many Sequels -1 Point (M): Take a turn of 6 minutes or more.
  • Too Many Options -1 Point (P):  Have in play Sol Ring or Mana Crypt on Turn 1.
  • Freddie’s Gonna Get You +1 Point (P): Play the third spell whose CMC is the third consecutive number.*
  • The Sheriff is Near +1 Point (P): Save a creature from dying before it takes damage.
  • Mark of the Beast +1 Point (P): Control exactly 6 lands, 6 creatures, and 6 non-land, non-creature permanents.
  • We Got Ourselves a Killer +1 Point (P): Destroy 2+ Planeswalkers during the game.
  • Serial Killer +1 Point (P): Destroy 10+ creatures at one time.
  • Creatures of the Night +1 Point (P): Control 5+ non-token creatures with one or more of the following creature types: Horror, Ooze, Spirit, Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie.
  • I Brought Extras +1 Point (P): Control 10+ creature tokens at one time.
  • Die Already! +1 Point (P): Survive being attacked for lethal damage 3+ times.
  • Prepared for the End +1 Point (P): Control 3+ Equipment at one time.
  • Your Time has Come +1 Point (P): Eliminate a player or be directly responsible for a player’s elimination.
  • You’re Not an Extra +1 Point (P): Prevent another player from being eliminated from the game.
  • Follow the Script +1 Point (P): End the game or be eliminated having searched your library for no card besides a basic land.
  • Final Credits +1 Point (P): Finish the game without being eliminated.
  • Next in Line +1 Point (P): Have the lowest life total, which must be lower than 10, when another player is eliminated without the game ending.
  • I’ve Seen This Movie +1 Point (P): Be the first person eliminated from the game.

*Freddie’s Gonna Get You can be awarded for playing all 3+ spells yourself, or one player playing two and the next player immediately following it with the third. It can also chain beyond three spells (as 4+ spells contains multiple 3 consecutive castings).

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