Monthly Archives: January 2015

Magic: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier

$20 entry, standard format! Registration from 10 to 11. Winner gets a seat at the Vancouver PTQ!  Read More

Fate Reforged Launch Event

Sealed format, $30 entry, 3 packs per player in the prize pool! Come play with the latest Magic set, Saturday at 1pm!  Read More

Fate Reforged Prerelease Weekend

Get the first chance to play with the latest from Magic: the Gathering – Fate Reforged! $25 entry, four events, and big prizes!  Read More

Secrets of Eternity Sneak Peek

$20 entry for five Secrets of Eternity packs, plus an exclusive Sneak Peek promo and chance to win one of six playmats! Read More

Magic GPT: Miami

Standard format, $10 entry! First place gets two byes at Grand Prix Miami!

Magic: Commander League

Our first official Magic: the Gathering Commander league starts in January! Four-player pods, achievement-based scoring, every Friday at 8pm in January! $3 entry per night, with prizes at the end of the month! Read More