Warmachine Steamroller

The last Steamroller of 2014 is this Saturday, December 6 at noon! $10, 50-point armies, and we’re using the 2015 Beta packet! 

We will use standard 100 minute rounds with 10 minute timed turns and one 5 minute extension per game (if we can get a hold of some Deathclocks, I will update this to reflect that change). We will be pulling from the newest version Steamroller 2015 Beta scenario packet!

As we will be starting at 1PM we will not have a lunch break so be sure you eat before the dice start rolling!

From our Press Ganger:

A word of note: the 2015 Beta scenario packet is only available to PGs and has a notable change from 2014 by the fact that scenario objectives are chosen by the players out of a set and each has a unique buff that applies to friendly models. As I cannot post any of the scenario documents, I have spoken to Eddie Beshoner and Chad Hotard and they will make the 2015 beta scenario packet available for players in the Baton Rouge and Northshore areas to look at so that players can begin building lists prior to the event. For people in the New Orleans area, feel free to see myself or Jason Mayo for a preview of the documents.

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