Warhammer 40k: Highlander

There can be only one! Join our newest 40k league and test your tactical skills! $5 entry, first night is Thursday, November 20! 

Players can come league nights on Thursdays or schedule games at other times. Opponents decide between themselves on army sizes (1,500 is recommended). All rules for play use the Main Rulebook unless opponents agree to something different.

The list building rules are copied from a recent Torrent of Fire article.

Highlander List Rules

Rule #1: “There can be only one!”

All unit entries are 0-1/unique.

Rule #2: “Well … except Troops.”

Troop units can be duplicated if:

you have taken one of every Troop unit available to the source, or
you have taken four unique Troop units across all sources in a list, or
you are taking the same Troop unit in a new detachment.
You still can’t take more than three of any unit, even if they are Troops. Dedicated Transports are not subject to this rule and are still 0-1.

Important Note/Disclaimer/Blah: It’s important to understand the word “source” and its usage for these rules. A source is essentially a codex, supplement, or data slate. For example, the Tau codex and Farsight Enclave supplement are two different sources. Finally, for maintaining the Highlander theme, Space Marine detachments with different “Chapter Tactics” are considered a different source.

Rule #3: “Counts As”

To keep to the theme of uniqueness, certain unit entries may “count as” other generic unit entries. Typically, you see this with named characters. For example, Eldrad is also a Farseer, and thereby, you cannot take both Eldrad and a Farseer. Likewise, Marneus Calgar is a Chapter Master, Farsight is a Tau Commander, Abbaddon is a Chaos Lord, and a Blood Angels Tactical Squad is a Tactical Squad. To “count as” something, there must be a Generic Representation and a Specific Representation This is technical, but worth noting, and it is the primary reason why, for example, you could take both a Bloodthirster and a Lord of Change: because there is no such thing as a “Greater Demon generic unit entry” for them to “count as,” like there is for a Chapter Master, as an example.

Rule #4: “No, seriously, we mean unique…”

Unit entries that create multiple units are also restricted to 0-1.

Example: The Ministorum Priest unit entry actually creates 0-5 Priest units. Thus, it now can only create 0-1 Priest units. Exception: We have to make an exception here for Guard Platoons because there is no other way to take them!

Rule #5: “Brothers of Convenience”

Units from different sources are, at best, treated as Allies of Convenience. There are no Battle Brothers across sources in Highlander.

Rule #6: “Still unique! Sorry, no end runs!”

Special rules that create new units are still subject to Rule #1 unless the units they are creating are Troops. This means that you cannot create a new unit in the game which would thereby duplicate a unit either currently in your list, one that has already been created, or that has previously been removed from play UNLESS that unit is a Troop, in which case you are still restricted to a maximum of three, as per Rule #2.


We’ll have two scoring tracks, Victory and Hobby.

Victory Points

  • Each battle won is worth 3 points.
  • Each battle tied is worth 1 point.
  • At the start of each game, name a Secondary Objective. Each Objective named this way and scored by the end of the game is worth 1 point.

Hobby Points

  • Each painted unit* is worth 3 points.
  • Each painted character** is worth 1 point.
  • Fielding a fully painted army is worth a one-time 3 points.

*A unit is anywhere from 5-12 infantry models, a large model (vehicle, monstrous creature on a 120mm base, etc.), or a unit of 3 models on 50mm or larger bases.

**Independent characters not part of units, or character attachments purchased as unit upgrades (such as Chaplains or Commissars).


Best combined score will take 40% of entries as store credit.

Best Victory and Hobby scores will each take 30% of entries as store credit.

Additional prizes TBD!

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