L5R Stronghold Store Event

Compete in our Legend of the Five Rings Level 10 Stronghold Event on Saturday, October 18! $10 entry, big The New Order prizes, best in clan prizes, plus Coils of Madness packs per round! 

This is a constructed tournament, Swiss rounds with a top cut. Registration is from 1-2 pm. Decklists are required; we’ll have blank ones available with entry.

Story Prize

The winner of this level event may select any Flavor Trait they desire for a future personality of the Clan they played with. This Flavor Trait must be approved by the Story Team and the Design Team. Thus the winner will work with Story/Design to come up with a satisfactory result.

Additional Prizes

For every round each player competes, they will get a Coils of Madness booster pack, up to a box of Coils. Top 4 cut also splits a box and two rare sets from The New Order.

  • 1st: 16 The New Order packs and a rare set
  • 2nd: 10 The New Order packs and a rare set
  • 3rd & 4th: 5 The New Order packs each

If we get at least 12 players we’ll put a box of The New Order to best in clan prizes, 4 packs for each clan. If we get at least 16, we’ll add +1 Gaming playmats to the top 4!

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