Khans of Tarkir Launch Party

Khans of Tarkir launch event has MOVED to Saturday, October 4 at 1pm! One lucky player will win a Swiss backpack!

Edit: The Friday launch is done, but our sealed event (see below) has moved to Saturday, October 4 at 1pm. Same price, same format, same prizes!

We have three events this weekend! Every player who comes to any of our events will get a foil Dragon Throne of Tarkir promo card, while supplies last!

Friday Night Magic

Our FNM formats are changing, starting this Friday!

Early FNM will be draft, starting at 3pm. $15 entry, you get three Khans of Tarkir booster packs, and we play three Swiss rounds using your drafted deck. Players who win two matches get 2 booster packs, and undefeated players get 5 booster packs!

Late FNM is still standard, now at 7pm. $5 entry, we play Swiss rounds based on number of entries. At 16 players, the top 4 will get 4 booster packs and 5th – 8th will get 3 booster packs. Every 6 additional players raises all the prizes by one pack.

This week we’ll also hold a second draft side event at 7pm, for players who don’t have a standard deck ready yet. Same rules as Early FNM, and we’ll include the launch promo with entry!

Is it your first time? We’ll give you a booster just for coming! Extra entries will also go to some door prizes and additional prizes for 1st place!

Launch Sealed Event

Saturday, September 27 at 1pm we’re holding a sealed tournament for Khans of Tarkir! $30 entry with prize packs to top placers, plus first place will take home an awesome Swiss backpack with embroidered dragon logo! It’s on display at the counter if you want to check it out before the event.

Khans of Tarkir boosters, Intro Decks, Fat Packs and booster boxes are all on sale starting Friday, September 26! We open at noon. The first 30 customers to buy one or more booster boxes (including pre-orders) will also get a foil Rattleclaw Mystic promo card!ktk-box-promo

Look for Game Day on October 18 for more chances to win exclusive promo cards, a playmat and other goodies!

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