The New Friday Night Magic

Starting with the Khans of Tarkir release on September 26, we’re changing FNM formats! Draft at 3pm for $15, Standard at 7pm for $5. Plus new players get a free pack just for coming!

Why the Change?

A couple reasons.

One, we’ve had requests for a draft FNM for a long time. We know we can’t please everyone, and it’s hard to find the right balance for our events. Requests do get heard though, even if it takes some planning to act on them.

Two, we’ve wanted to add more variety to our Friday events. Two Standard events can get a bit stale. While we’ve had good success with Modern on Monday nights, it’s not as accessible a format to as many players. We want FNMs to be very friendly to veteran and new players alike. Draft means you don’t even need a deck, and you can start building your collection. For experienced players, it can be a more skill-intensive format.

Door Prizes

We also want to give a little incentive to new players who might find the learning curve intimidating. We’ll be giving a couple packs each event out to newcomers and random players who play through the whole event despite a bad record. Everyone goes through an early learning period with a lot of losses, and we’d rather you add some cards to that deck and try again next week!

Top Prizes

Our drafts will follow our Wednesday pattern, always fixed at 3 rounds. Players who win all three matches will get 5 packs (or $15 store credit), and players who win two matches will get 2 packs (or $6 store credit).

For our late FNM, we’re tiering prizes slightly rather than splitting top 8 evenly. Top 4 will get 1 more pack than 5th through 8th. Total prize pool will depend on number of entries. At 16 players the prize payout will be 4 packs to 1st-4th and 3 packs to 5th-8th. Every 6 players will raise each bracket by 1 pack. Any extra packs in the prize pool will go to door prizes and/or something extra for 1st place, like a pick of one of our Magic singles!

Let Us Know What You Think!

We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes, and other things you’d like to see! Email Jeremy or talk to us in the store!

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