Khans of Tarkir Prerelease

Get the first chance to play with the latest from Magic: the Gathering – Khans of Tarkir! $25 entry, four events, and big prizes! 


Now through the Prerelease weekend, pre-order your booster boxes for $99.99 each! After the Prerelease our box price is $119.99. Each customer will get the buy-a-box promo: Rattleclaw Mystic!


Prerelease Events

Each Prerelease is a sealed-deck event, $25 entry. You’ll choose a Clan and receive a Prerelease kit with five Khans of Tarkir booster packs, one Seeded Pack with lots of cards in the colors of your chosen Clan, plus a spindown die, a Clan pin, a Clan sticker, and an activity related to the Clan of your choice!

The events are:

  • Midnight Sealed (limit 32 players) – Friday night / Saturday morning
  • Saturday Sealed – Saturday at Noon
  • Saturday Two-Headed Giant – Saturday at 6pm; players will be on two-player teams. You’ll have combined sealed pools and life totals, but separate decks during play. Bring a friend or let us help you find a teammate!
  • Sunday Sealed – Sunday at 6pm

Each Seeded Pack also comes with an extra foil card, depending on your Clan!

ktk-pre-promo5 ktk-pre-promo4 ktk-pre-promo3 ktk-pre-promo2 ktk-pre-promo1


Midnight Sat. Noon THG
(per team)
1st 16 36 16 16
2nd 12 20 16 12
3rd 8 15 16 8
4th 8 15 16 8
5th 6 10 6
6th 6 10 6
7th 6 10 6
8th 6 10 6

We also have some extra boosters set aside for completing your challenge cards and extra door prizes!

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