Magic: Garruk’s Axe League

Win a NERF Garruk’s Axe! We’re also giving away an entry to our Khans of Tarkir Prerelease! The league starts Friday, August 29 and runs four weeks. Play any format you want!

$5 entry. You and your opponent agree before the match. Matches are best two of three games.

You may play league games during any other organized play, as long as your opponent is in the league (agree before playing that it’s a league game). You can also play any time you and a league player get together! Each consecutive game must be against a different opponent.


Your final score is league points equal to your match win percentage (out of 100).

+5 points per unique format played (among Standard, Modern*, Legacy, Commander, Draft)

Tiebreakers go to the player with the most games played, most unique opponents, most formats played, and opponent match win percentage.


Winners will be announced on Friday, September 19 before late FNM (6:30pm). First place will take Garruk’s Axe, and we’ll prize out Prerelease entries based on number of entries, plus one random player who didn’t win anything else will also get a Prerelease entry!

*Our Modern Mondays allow 15 proxies. League matches may NOT use proxies!

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