Warhammer 40,000 Summer League

The war rages on in our Warhammer 40k summer league! Conquer worlds and engage in unique missions! $5 entry; the war begins Wednesday, June 11! 

The summer league will last six weeks, from June 11 through July 22. League nights are Wednesdays, and you can play any other day by scheduling with another player. You and your opponent will decide what point size to play, which planet to battle on, and which mission set to use. In addition, you’ll choose a secret objective for each mission. Score points for playing, winning, and getting your army painted!

The Worlds

Our summer league returns to the Andros Sector, where the armies of the 41st Millennium will battle for control of four worlds. The sector fell prey to a massive Warp storm, and has since become a hotly contested battleground as armies search its secrets.

Each battle won on a world gains a Control Point on that world. Each battle lost loses a Control Point. You cannot go below zero Control Points on any world.

Cadfael is a lush jungle world. Formerly an Imperial Agri-World, it’s since returned to its savage origins in the wake of a terrible Warp storm. Cover saves for Go to Ground and Night Fighting are improved by +1.

The fierce deserts, steep cliffs and dry winds of Kallistrate made the perfect hiding place for an Imperial Manufactorum before the world was abandoned in the Warp storm. Weapons with the Gets Hot rule are +1 Strength and cause a Wound to the attacker on a To-Hit roll of 1-2.

Lysimachus, labeled a Forbidden World was marked by Imperial psykers as Warp-tainted before settlement of the sector began. The deep crags and volcanic flows were left unexplored. The active player may choose to re-roll for the number of Warp Charge dice. Successful Leadership tests for Perils of the Warp must be re-rolled.

Narrow peaks and lightless valleys mark this Tyros. The first human explorers offered this paradise as a monument to the Emperor and erected a massive shrine to his glory. Imperium units gain Stubborn; non-Imperium units add +1″ to all charge ranges.

The Missions

When setting up a battle, players agree on which type of mission to play: Eternal War, Maelstrom of War, or a unique league mission. If the players can’t agree, roll off. Each league mission uses Eternal War deployment options, and includes the Secondary Objectives First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord, as well as the special rules Night Fighting and Reserves.

  1. Hold the Gate: Place a primary objective marker at the center of the table. Score 1 VP at the end of each player turn you hold the objective.
  2. Slaughter: Nominate six enemy units. You score 1 VP for each nominated unit destroyed.
  3. Reconnoiter: Divide the table into quarters. You score 3 VP at the end of the game for each table quarter in which you at least partially have one or more scoring models, and in which your opponent has no denial units.
  4. Invasion: Score 1 VP for each scoring unit in your opponent’s deployment zone.
  5. Sabotage: Place three sabotage markers equally spaced along the table center. The first player to deploy is the attacker; the second is the defender. The attacker must activate each sabotage marker by having a scoring unit in base contact with it at the end of his or her Movement Phase. It remains active until the defender ends his or her Movement Phase with a scoring unit in base contact with an active marker. The attacker scores 3 VP for each active marker at the end of the game; the defender scores 3 VP for each inactive marker.
  6. Siege: After placing fortifications but before placing terrain, place four ruins or ruined fortifications each at least 12” from a long table edge and 24” from a short table edge (remove one for each fortification in the defender’s army list). The player who deploys first is the defender; the second is the attacker. The defender deploys anywhere 24” away from a short table edge; the attacker deploys within 12” of each short table edge. Each player scores 1 VP for each ruin for which one or more of their scoring units is in base contact.

Secret Objectives

In addition to the normal Secondary Objectives, each player will secretly choose a Secret Objective for the mission. These are Secondary Objectives in all respects. Note down which you have chosen at the start of the game, and reveal it to your opponent at the end of the game. The player may generate two Tactical Objectives and choose one, or choose one of the objectives from their Primary Detachment’s Faction.

Chaos Daemons

  • Warp Storm: You have more units in your enemy’s deployment zone than they have.
  • The Gods are Fickle: Secretly nominate an enemy psyker (or HQ choice if your opponent has no psykers). That unit survives at the end of the game.

Chaos Space Marines

  • Champion of Chaos: Win three or more challenges.
  • Blood for the Blood God: Each player has less than half of their army’s units surviving.

Dark Eldar

  • Pirate Slaver: Your opponent has no surviving Troop units in their Primary Detachment.
  • Power from Pain: Every non-vehicle unit has suffered one or more casualties or unsaved Wounds.


  • Path of the Seer: Linebreaker is worth 2 VP.
  • Path of the Warrior: You have more surviving units than your opponent at the end of the game.

Imperial Guard

  • Hammer of the Empire: You have more infantry units than your opponent at the end of the game.
  • Chain of Command: You have one or more surviving units with Voice of Command at the end of the game.


  • Warboss: Slay the Warlord is worth 2 VP.
  • Waaagh!: You have lost the same number of units as your opponent, give or take one unit.


  • Undying Legion: You have more surviving units than your opponent at the end of the game.
  • Reclamation: Nominate a piece of terrain outside your deployment zone. You have a scoring unit in base contact with the nominated terrain at the end of the game.

Space Marines

  • Know No Fear: You have more characters than your opponent at the end of the game.
  • Will of the Emperor: Generate three Tactical Objectives and choose one.


  • The Greater Good: You have no enemy units in your deployment zone.
  • Mont’ka and Kauyon: Destroy one enemy unit each game turn.


  • The Great Devourer: Your opponent has no surviving non-vehicle units, or you have destroyed six or more enemy non-vehicle units.
  • Hive Mind: Each of your units is within 12” of at least one other unit.

League Scoring

There are three League titles to claim: Ultimate Warlord, Eternal Warrior and Master Crafter.

  • Ultimate Warlord goes to the player with the most Control Points.
  • Eternal Warrior goes to the player with the highest League Score.
  • Master Crafter goes to the player who paints the most models, from bare plastic (or metal or resin) to fully painted.
  • Comrade in Arms goes to the player with the most votes for best attitude from their opponents.

Ultimate Warlord and Eternal Warrior must go to two different players.

Players gain League Points for playing and winning League games, based on the chart below. In addition to playing and winning games, players can also earn Control Points (described in “The Worlds” section).

Game Size Play Win
500 1 1
750 1 1
1,000 2 1
1,250 2 1
1,500 2 2
1,750 2 2
1,850 3 2
2,000 3 2


Players can also complete Achievements for bonus League Points. Each Achievement is worth 3 League Points.

  • Seasoned Veteran: Play one game at each of the following point levels.
    • 500 – 750 points
    • 1,000 – 1,250 points
    • 1,500 – 1,750 points
    • 1,850 – 2,000 points
  • Discipline of Battle: Play on every league night.
  • Regalia of War: Field a fully painted 2,000 point army.
  • Conqueror of Worlds: Have the most Control Points on at least one world.
  • Brilliant Commander: Win an Eternal War mission, Maestrom of War mission, and league mission.



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