X-Wing: Assault on Imdaar Alpha

Get an early chance to play with the Star Wars: X-Wing Wave IV ships, and take one home! Assault on Imdaar Alpha kicks of Saturday, May 31 at 12pm!

Assault on Imdaar Alpha is your chance to participate in an exciting, global Wave IV preview event. Showcasing the fourth wave of X-Wing starfighters, each Assault on Imdaar Alpha event features a special X-Wing tournament, which offers you a chance to win preview copies of our Wave IV starfighters!

Entry to the event is $5. Everyone will get a commemorative Bandit Squadron Pilot with extended art, and the top four will take their pick of the Wave IV ships!

The Event

You’ll bring your 100-point squadron and adhere to all of the game’s standard tournament rules as you compete through the preliminary Swiss rounds. However, in the final round, everything changes. After the close of the preliminary rounds, the tournament’s two top players set aside their personal squads and command new squads that they build with the featured Wave IV starfighters!

One player will construct an Imperial squad that fields both the TIE defender and TIE phantom. The other will construct a Rebel squad that utilizes the Z-95 Headhunter as well as the E-wing. Both players will complete their 100-point squadrons by adding starships and upgrades from their existing X-Wing collections. Then, they’ll face off in a heated duel for the fate of the galaxy!

Each of the tournament’s top four participants get to claim one of the Wave IV expansions included in the tournament kit. Furthermore, the event’s Top 16 participants all earn an exclusive, promotional copy of the Bandit Squadron Pilot that features extended art.

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