Warmachine: Highlander

There can be only one! $10 entry, 25-point armies. You’re limited to one caster, one warjack/warbeast, one solo and one unit. 1st place wins a claymore!

Your Army

Players bring one warcaster/warlock, one warjack/warbeast, one solo and one unit. Unit and weapon attachments are optional and are permitted under normal FA restrictions. You must field at least one of each unit type.

Models that come with attachments, i.e. The Old Witch or Mortenebra are allowed (so the Scrapjack does not count against the Khador player’s jack allowance and Deryliss does not count against the Cryx player’s solo allowance). Warcaster or warlock units count as a single caster slot for list building rules and will not also take up a player’s unit slot. Prime Gorshade is allowed as a caster, but his feat will not be allowed to be permitted to bring a unit of banes onto the table. Additionally, lesser minion warlocks and their attached beasts can be used in the solo slot.

Colossals and gargantuans may be taken as a player’s required jack or beast if they wish to take one. Battle engines may also be taken in a list after the other list requirements have been met. Left over force construction points can go toward jacks and beasts, but you may only ever field one of any ‘jack or beast. This means that you may take as many beast or ‘jacks as you can afford as long as you don’t duplicate any (i.e. a Legion player could take a Sythean, Ravagore , and Carnivean, but not two Carniveans and a Sythean).

The Event

The doors open at Noon, and play starts at 1pm. This event will use Steamroller casual time limits of base round length of 70-minutes with 7-minute turns and a once per game 5 minute extension.

Scoring will be based on caster-kill or scenario. All scenarios will come from the Steamroller 2014 rules. Final scoring will be based on assassination victory, scenario victory, control points tiebreaker (2nd), army points remaining tiebreaker (3rd), and army points destroyed tiebreaker (4th).

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