Pro Tour Qualifier

+1 Gaming hosts a Magic: the Gathering sealed Pro Tour Qualifier! $30 entry. Registration is from 9am to 10:30. The winner gets an invite to the Pro Tour! 

The Event

You’ll pay your entry fee at the counter and present your receipt with your name and DCI number to the judges for registration. We’ll hold a player meeting at 11am to go over some basic rules and procedures, then pass out packs. Each player will get three Theros boosters and three Born of the Gods boosters. Players will fill out a sealed pool registration sheet, marking all cards they opened, then turn their pool and sheet in to the judges. Sealed pools will be redistributed, and there will be a timed period for deckbuilding. You may drop out of the tournament and keep your sealed pool if you wish. We will play Swiss rounds to determine the top 8 players. Number of rounds will be based on the number of entries. The top 8 players will be given new packs, two Theros and one Born of the Gods, to draft to determine final standings.


The top 8 will have their choice of booster packs or store credit. If attendance is good, we’ll prize out to top 16!

Place Packs Store Credit
1st 100 packs $250
2nd 60 packs $150
3rd 30 packs $75
4th 30 packs $75
5th 20 packs $50
6th 20 packs $50
7th 20 packs $50
8th 20 packs $50

The top 8 also each get this exclusive Pro Tour Qualifier playmat! PTQ_JOU_playmat Click here for more information about the Pro Tour.

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