Warhammer 40k: Warband League

Command the awesome power of a Company in our next Warhammer 40k league! The league starts Wednesday, January 15 and runs for six weeks! 

Throughout the Warband League you will field forces selected from a Company list. You’ll design your Company at the beginning of the league, choosing units under your command for your campaign of conquest. All armies you field must draw from this list, and units destroyed in battle may be lost entirely.

Entry to the league is $5. You can enter at any time. Late entry will only impact your score toward the Largest Surviving Company prize (see below).

Your Company

At the start of the league, you’ll design a Company using a unique Company Force Organization Chart. You must choose units for every slot.

  • 4 HQ choices
  • 12 Troop choices
  • 6 Elite choices
  • 6 Fast Attack choices
  • 6 Heavy Support choices
  • 6 additional choices (can be any unit type)

Each unit choice only needs to include the unit name, dedicated transport choice (if any), and unique upgrades such as unique characters, unique wargear, etc. Unique choices such as named characters can only be taken once per Company. You may have no more than three of any non-Troop unit in your Company list. You do not need to own all the models in your Company list, so long as you have enough to field in each game.

Each army will also have unlimited access to certain iconic unit choices. You may always field these units, whether or not you have them in your Company List.

  • Blood Angels: Captain (HQ), Tactical Squad (Troop), Drop Pod (Dedicated Transport)
  • Chaos Daemons: Daemon Prince (HQ), Player’s Option (Troop)
  • Chaos Space Marines: Chaos Lord (HQ), Chaos
  • Dark Angels: Company Master (HQ), Tactical Squad (Troop), Rhino (Dedicated Transport)
  • Dark Eldar: Archon (HQ), Kabalite Warriors (Troop), Raider (Dedicated Transport)
  • Eldar: Autarch (HQ), Guardian Defenders (Troop), Wave Serpent (Transport)
  • Grey Knights: Brother-Captain (HQ), Terminator Squad (Troop)
  • Imperial Guard: Company Command Squad (HQ), Infantry Platoon (Troop), Chimera (Dedicated Transport)
  • Necrons: Necron Overlord (HQ), Necron Warriors (Troop), Ghost Ark (Dedicated Transport)
  • Orks: Warboss (HQ), Boyz (Troop), Trukk (Dedicated Transport)
  • Space Marines: Captain (HQ), Tactical Squad (Troop), Rhino (Dedicated Transport)
    • Black Templars: Captain (HQ), Crusader Squad (Troop), Rhino (Dedicated Transport)
    • White Scars: Captain on Bike (HQ), Bike Squad (Troop)
  • Space Wolves: Wolf Lord (HQ), Grey Hunters (Troop), Rhino (Dedicated Transport)
  • Tau: Commander (HQ), Fire Warrior Team (Troop), Devilfish (Dedicated Transport)
  • Tyranids: Hive Tyrant (HQ), Gaunt Brood (Troop)

Unique wargear (such as Space Marine relics), units upgraded to include a unique character, or Dedicated Transports not on the above list must be specified on their respective units. Only that unit may field the unique choice, though they are not required to do so. Non-unique wargear or characters (such as an Ork Nob leading some Boyz) need not be specified, and may be chosen as an upgrade on a game-by-game basis.

You may take any number of allies as part of your Company. You have access to those armies’ unlimited choices, and may dedicate slots from your Company FOC to additional allied units.

Fortifications are not limited by your Company List. You may use your additional slots to select Super-Heavies using the rules in Escalation.

Playing Games

League nights will be Wednesdays, and you may play league games at any time at +1 Gaming. You and your opponent decide on a points level for your game. You may field units from your Company with any upgrades available to them, including choosing the size of the unit and applying non-unique upgrades (such as wargear or a non-unique sergeant).

At the end of each game, after scoring (see below), you may roll for each unit that was completely destroyed. On a 5+, the unit is recovered from the battlefield. Unique characters are recovered on a 4+. Any unit completely destroyed and not recovered is removed from your Company List permanently.


Players will gain League Points based on games played, victories, and special achievements.

  • Playing a 1,000 – 1,499 point game — 1 point*
  • Playing a 1,500 – 1,999 point game — 2 points*
  • Playing a 2,000+ point game — 3 points*
  • Winning a game — 1 point*

*Can be claimed multiple times


All achievements must be completed in a single game unless otherwise stated. Achievements are claimed before rolling for unit recovery.

  • Ending a game with two surviving Elite units — 1 point
  • Ending a game with two surviving Fast Attack units — 1 point
  • Ending a game with two surviving Heavy Support units — 1 point
  • Ending a game with a surviving unit of every FOC type — 1 point
  • Ending a game with a surviving Lord of War — 1 point
  • Ending a game with at least one surviving unique character — 1 point
  • Killing three unique characters throughout the league — 1 point
  • Destroying at least one unit of every FOC type — 1 point
  • Destroying a Lord of War — 1 point


At the end of the league there will be three prizes: Most AchievementsLargest Surviving Company*, and Overall League Score. The first two will claim 30% of entry fees in store credit as prize; the Overall League Score winner will claim 40% of entry fees!

*Each league night absence will reduce your effective Company List size by one FOC slot for prize purposes. Each league game played with a unique opponent on a night other than a league night with negate one absence.

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