Netrunner Winter League

It’s a great time to play Netrunner! +1 Gaming is hosting a free, casual league starting Monday, January 6. Awards are based on participation, so come by Monday nights at 6pm! 

Android: Netrunner is a popular card game set in a cyberpunk future where hackers and corporations are at war. Visit the Fantasy Flight Games website to learn more.

What to Bring

If you have your own cards, bring in a corp deck, a runner deck, and a set of tokens. Otherwise, there will be a few decks available to borrow as well as core sets and data packs for purchase. Demos will be available if you want to learn the game.


If this is your first Netrunner league at +1 Gaming, you will get an extra raffle entry! During the league, players will also get raffle entries for:

  • Each Monday they participate in league play
  • Buying a Netrunner product (just show your receipt)
  • Signing up for Netrunner subscription at +1 Gaming (regular data pack preorder)
  • Learning how to play
  • Bringing in a new player for a demo

Prizes will be chosen randomly from the pool of raffle entries, limit one prize per person. More prizes may be added, but so far we have:

  • 2 alternate art Scorched Earth promo cards
  • Netrunner Game Night poster with art from Project Vitruvius
  • Free entry to the next Netrunner league at +1 Gaming

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