My Little Pony CCG Launch Party

Friendship is magic at +1 Gaming! Everypony bring your deck or come try a free demo! Play starts at Noon on Saturday, January 18. $5 entry for the tournament! 

We’ll have open play from Noon to 1pm followed by a constructed tournament (bring your own deck). We’ll have plenty of unique promo cards to give away, plus booster packs for the winners!

If you’re new to the game you can get free entry with purchase of any starter deck! We’ll teach you the game before the tournament.

What to Bring

You will need a 45-card draw deck and a 10-card problem deck, as well as a way to track your Action Tokens and Points. Feel free to bring extra decks or cards for casual play and trading. You will only use one deck for the tournament.

The Tournament

We’ll play Swiss rounds based on the number of players. Entry to the tournament is $5, and we’ll give prize packs and promo cards to the top placers, as well as raffle off some extra goodies after the tournament, so stick around for the whole thing!

After the tournament, we’ll also set a date for regular organized play. We’ll do more constructed play as well as drafting.

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