Monthly Archives: January 2014

Born of the Gods Prerelease

Get the first shot at the newest Magic set! Prerelease events all weekend, February 1-2, and the chance to win a full booster box of Born of the Gods! Preorder a box for $99.99! Read More

Pokémon XY Pre-Release

The event is Sunday, February 2, $30 entry. Registration is 1pm to 2pm. First round starts promptly at 2, so don’t be late!  Read More

My Little Pony CCG Launch Party

Friendship is magic at +1 Gaming! Everypony bring your deck or come try a free demo! Play starts at Noon on Saturday, January 18. $5 entry for the tournament!  Read More

Warhammer 40k: Warband League

Command the awesome power of a Company in our next Warhammer 40k league! The league starts Wednesday, January 15 and runs for six weeks!  Read More

Netrunner Winter League

It’s a great time to play Netrunner! +1 Gaming is hosting a free, casual league starting Monday, January 6. Awards are based on participation, so come by Monday nights at 6pm!  Read More