Pokémon Badge Day

Collect all the trainer badges at our special Pokémon Badge Day! Players can earn up to four TCG badges and four video game badges. Collect all four for an invite to our Badge Tournament! Pokémon Badge Day is rescheduled to Sunday, December 15. The event starts at 1pm. The eight badges will be announced at Badge Day. Players will compete against each other to try and earn four badges for the Pokémon card game and four for the Pokémon video game. Players are free to play both games, and can play as much as they like during Badge Day to earn their badges.

Entry to Pokémon Badge Day is $5 per player. You don’t have to be on time, but that’ll mean less time to earn your badges!

The Badge Tournament

We’ll hold a Badge Tournament for the card game and video game in January. If you earned all four badges for either game, you can enter the Badge Tournament for that game!

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