My Little Pony CCG

The My Little Pony CCG comes out Friday, December 13! Demos and open play all Friday and Saturday, plus promo giveaways! 

My Little Pony–The Collectible Card Game will be packaged in traditional starter Decks and booster packs, and will also be released in Theme Decks. The Premiere Edition 2-Player Starter Set (MSRP $18.99), which includes two 58-card decks and rules, features foil versions of both the “Pinkie Pie Mane Character” and “Fluttershy” cards, allowing players to build their decks around either of those Mane Ponies. MLP CCG Booster Packs will include 12 cards with an MSRP of $3.49 each, packaged six packs per display.

There are two Premiere Theme Decks, one with Rainbow Dash and (a non-foil card) Rarity, and one with Twilight Sparkle and (a non-foil card) Apple Jack. Each deck contains 59 cards and rules and carry an MSRP of $10.99. There are eight decks per display.

Gameplay for this strategic card game revolves around a race to solve problems (both the player’s and their opponent’s) from the problem deck to earn points. The first person to 15 points wins. It is suggested for players ages 10 and up.

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