Warmachine Winter War League

Winter approaches and no army can campaign long once the snow starts. Our map-based Winter War League starts Tuesday, November 19! $5 entry. Claim the secret power of Thornwood for your own! 

Ancient ruins found deep in the Thornwood are beginning to stir with strange phenomenon. Is this just gossip spread by bored villagers, or could it be something more sinister from the time of the Orgoth? You’ve been ordered to lead your army to Thornwood and search out the truth. If there is power to be had claim it for your own, but do so quickly.


The Winter War is an unofficial, five-week campaign loosely based on the seasonal leagues of Privateer Press. All of the rules concerning sportsmanship, conversions, model proxies, basing, etc. that players adhere to in an official Privateer Press league or event also apply to this campaign. The campaign is designed for players to meet over the course of five game nights to play in a casual format where they will battle against each other in an effort to claim map territories and win boons to aid them in their future battles. Players should select a faction to play during the entirety of the campaign.

Cost & Prizes

Entry fee of $5 that will be used for prize support. There will be a first-place grand champion that will be awarded store credit. Any additional prizes for a second or third place will be determined by the number of participants who register for the league. However, everyone that participates will get something for playing in the campaign.

Game Night

The campaign will begin on Tuesday, November 19 and conclude on Tuesday, December 17. All games must take place at +1 Gaming, but do not have to take place on Tuesday game night. However, any games played outside of a Tuesday night must also be played with a registered campaign participant to count toward your league score and capture map locations.

Download full league rules (PDF).

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