Star Trek: Attack Wing

Join us for Month 3 of the Dominion War! First-timers welcome. $5 entry, play starts on Saturday, November 30 at 1pm! 

Month Three: The Siege of AR-558

AR-558, a planet in the Chin’toka system that is not habitable for long without a steady supply chain, has been held by Federation troops for months following the Federation Alliance’s invasion into Cardassian™ space. The importance of this location is the Dominion communications array, currently being held by those Federation Troops. Because of this, AR-558 has become the site of constant assaults by Dominion Troops, attempting to regain control of their communications array.The Dominion troops have deployed subspace anti-personnel mines, or “Houdinis”, and this, along with the lack of Federation support, has reduced the Federation’s Forces significantly. It is a desperate time for the stranded Federation troops, but they must hold AR-558. A single Federation ship has gotten through with supplies and fresh troops, and the Federation troops have been able to disarm the mines and use them against the relentless Dominion troops. Who will take control of AR-558? Will it be you?

You’ll need a 100-point fleet to play (the starter set is enough). Your fleet can be made up of any combination of ships regardless of faction. If it’s your first time, you’ll declare a faction you’re playing for toward the organized play storyline. Everyone gets to play three rounds.

Everyone who participates will get Reinforcements Sideboards, Reference Cards, sets of bases and pegs, and the scenario map elements (while supplies last).

The top two winners and one random player will win a P.W.B. Aj’rmr/D’deridex-class pre-painted ship!

Full details on the Star Trek: Attack Wing – Dominion War website!

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