Black Friday Sale

Tons of stuff on sale in all categories, up to 60% off! We’ll have sale items throughout the store, and a special 50% off table. The sale runs through Black Friday weekend! 

What’s On Sale?

We’ll have a sale table near the counter. Everything on the table is 50% off! There’s plenty more on sale, too!

Collectible Card Games

  • $105 Magic and Pokemon booster boxes, and $95 Magic 2014 booster boxes
  • $75 Yu-Gi-Oh! boxes
  • $3.49 booster packs for Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and Legend of the Five Rings


Take 20% off all the following items:

  • All pre-loaded Battlefoam bags
  • All Warhammer 40,000 Battleforces and Warhammer Fantasy Battalions
  • All Warmachine Colossals and Hordes Gargantuans, as well as all large-box units
  • Everything for Infinity!

Plus, take 50% off everything for Malifaux!

Board Games and RPGs

Take 10% off all non-sale-item purchases of $100 of more. Plus we’ll have lots of stuff on the 50% off table!

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