We’re Selling Magic Singles!

+1 Gaming is selling and trading Magic: the Gathering singles! We’re starting with Standard legal cards. We will buy select cards. Join the Community Group for updates on new cards and buylist info! 

+1 Gaming is bringing Magic: the Gathering single cards into our main business. We are starting with Magic 2014 and Theros, with plans to branch out in the near future. Single card sales will be priced based on mid-range prices from top card sales websites. We will buy select cards for store credit, with plans on cash purchasing once we’ve gotten settled in.

The Community Group will feature at least weekly posts with new cards for sale, as well as what we’re looking to buy, and any other deals and offers. Just click the Register link at the top of the page to make an account and join the group. You can also post there for anything you’re looking for, general player talk, and anything else Magic-related.

If you’re looking to sell, talk to Jeremy Henson. If he’s not there, you can leave your cards at the counter with an employee and Jeremy will contact you as soon as he’s able.

You can use your store credit on cards. If you had credit with Jeremy May, it will be transferred into +1 Gaming store credit.

We’re extremely excited to offer this new service to our players! If you have any other questions, contact Jeremy Henson.

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