Star Trek: Attack Wing

Join in on Star Trek: Attack Wing’s organized play! This is the perfect way to learn Star Trek: Attack Wing. $5 entry, the battle begins Saturday, October 19 at 1pm! 

Month Two: The Battle of Chin’toka

A major victory is needed for the morale of the Federation Alliance. With reports that the bulk of the Dominion Fleet is battling on the Romulan™ borders, it is now time to take the fight to the Dominion and attack them in their own space. The target: the Dominion shipyards and cloning facilities in the Chin’toka system on the borders of Cardassian™ space. Upon arrival to the system, the Federation Alliance forces realize that the system is not as unguarded as was originally reported. With the limited amount of ships in the system, the Cardassians have developed Orbital Weapon Platforms to defend their space. These platforms are formidable with tremendous firepower and regenerative force fields. Will you be able to defeat your enemy in the face of these unforeseen weapons?

You’ll need a 100-point fleet to play (the starter set is enough). Your fleet can be made up of any combination of ships regardless of faction. If it’s your first time, you’ll declare a faction you’re playing for toward the organized play storyline. Everyone gets to play three rounds.

Everyone who participates will get Command Tokens, Cards, and Reference Cards; a Red Shirt Crew Upgrade Promo Card, and after the event you can take home the map elements for the scenario. The top two winners and one random player will win a I.K.S. Ch’Tang/B’rel-class Pre-painted Plastic Ship!

Full event rules are on the WizKids website.

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