Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pokémon: Legendary Creatures Pre-Release

The event is Sunday, November 3, $30 entry. Registration is 1pm to 2pm. First round starts promptly at 2, so don’t be late!  Read More

We’re Selling Magic Singles!

+1 Gaming is selling and trading Magic: the Gathering singles! We’re starting with Standard legal cards. We will buy select cards. Join the Community Group for updates on new cards and buylist info!  Read More

Warhammer 40k Tournament

Prepare for WAR! $10 entry, 1,850 points. Registration ends at 1pm. Prizes tracks for victory points, painting and attitude, plus a Grand Champion trophy! Don’t miss it!  Read More

Theros Game Day

Play Standard Theros and get the Phalanx Leader and Nighthowler full-art promo cards, and exclusive Game Day playmat! You can also face the Hydra in a special side event!  Read More

Star Trek: Attack Wing

Join in on Star Trek: Attack Wing’s organized play! This is the perfect way to learn Star Trek: Attack Wing. $5 entry, the battle begins Saturday, October 19 at 1pm!  Read More

Warmachine Magic Hat Tournament

Time for a caster mix-and-match! On Saturday, October 12 at 11am we’re holding a Magic Hat tournament. Each round you’ll get a random spell/feat card from the pot for your caster!  Read More