Warhammer 40,000: Escalation

Grow your army from a small detachment to an engine of war! Army sizes increase every two weeks. $10 entry for prizes. The league starts Wednesday, September 4! 

The Escalation League will run for eight weeks. Each tier lasts two weeks, starting on a Wednesday and ending on a Tuesday. You can play as many league games per tier as you want, any day you want. You’ll get points for your wins, fielding fully painted armies, and painting new units. We’ll have prizes at each tier, and final overall prizes at the end.

In addition, all league players get a special 10% discount on all Warhammer 40,000 purchases, in stock or special order, throughout the league. Offer is limited to items available for 2-day shipping. Ask Jeremy for details. This discount stacks with Hero coupons.

You must use the same Codex throughout the league for your primary detachment. There are no further army restrictions. You may use Imperial Armour rules so long as you have the rulebook(s) available and inform your opponent. Proxies are allowed, and conversions encouraged! Proxy within reason, such that your opponent can identify your models and wargear correctly. When in doubt, ask the organizer.


  • Tier 1: 750 points, September 4 – 17
  • Tier 2: 1,000 points, September 18 – October 1
  • Tier 3: 1,250 points, October 2 – October 15
  • Tier 4: 1,500 points, October 16-29

Prizes will be awarded Wednesday, October 16!


You’ll earn points for your victories and painting. Each tier will have its own score tracked independently. At the end we’ll have a special prize for the overall winner!

  • Winning a game: 1 point
  • Painting a single-model unit on a 60mm or smaller base: 1 point
  • Painting a unit of 2-12 models, or a model on a large oval base: 2 points
  • Painting a unit of 13+ models: 3 points
  • Playing with a fully painted army: Points equal to tier level (once per tier)


At the end of each tier the player with the most points will win 15% of entries as store credit. Each player can only win a tier prize once.

At the end of the league, the player with the highest overall score will win 20% of entries as store credit, and the player with the most points strictly from painting (including playing with a painted army) will win 20% of entries as store credit. Overall winners can be players who’ve won a tier prize already.

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